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December 18th, 2002.

To Whom It May Concern:

 While the acting as  the  Director of Youth Ministries at Gregory Drive Alliance Church in Chatham, Ontario, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Serge LeClerc.  He was addressing the secondary school teachers of the Kent County Board of Education as the keynote speaker of one of their Professional Development Days.  My invitation to attend that engagement came about because the committee responsible for bringing Serge to Chatham believed his message was very relevant to teens as well as adults.  They thought, perhaps, I would like to have Serge return to Chatham to address teens through a church youth rally.  After hearing Serge’s testimony and life experiences I concurred with their assessment.  The Secondary School Principals of Kent County also were impressed with Serge’s presentation.  They felt his story was worthy of the secondary students of their respective schools.  It was agreed that I would act as coordinator of Serge’s week of speaking engagements.

After contacting Serge to obtain dates when he was available to speak, the secondary school principals slotted a time for him to appear at their schools.  That week, Mr. LeClerc spoke a total of 17 times in 7 days.  I accompanied him to every high school in the county where he spoke at least once, sometimes twice.  Several principals arranged for community gatherings, as well as, student assemblies.  He also spoke to the Native population at Walpole Island first, at their elementary school and then at the community centre.  True to our original intent, Serge spoke at a youth rally Saturday afternoon, then to the entire church congregation Sunday morning.

In the years since that time I have had the pleasure of accompanying Serge to Chamber of Commerce dinners where he was the keynote speaker and attended more motivational meetings where he addressed teens in secondary school settings as the national spokesperson for Crime Stoppers.  I have heard his testimony several times on Focus on the Family radio broadcasts, and heard tapes of one of his interview with CBC radio.

Not only do I endorse Mr. LeClerc as a worthy candidate to speak for your event, I want to encourage you to take advantage of the great flexibility, and wide ranging appeal of his presentation.  During the week he was in Chatham in 1991 he reached thousands of school children, and hundreds of adults with his message. All in all, Mr. LeClerc is a gifted, motivated, speaker who is able to relate to a wide ranging audience, both secular and Christian.  May I take this opportunity to challenge you to consider seriously what he has to offer your community.


Robert Taylor

Lambton Baptist Church

251 Pointe Line

R.R. #2

Port Lambton, ON    N0P 2B0