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The testimony of God’s grace is lived out in Serge LeClerc’ s life. As I reflect on his life story I wonder to myself if I would also have thought of him as one of the lost who was beyond redemption. Serge testifies to the grace of God in his life and reminds us that there is “no human garbage” . But the power of Serge’s message is that it speaks to our young people that life has hope and meaning when Christ is a part of it.

The message he brings is powerful because in Serge we see the depths of the depravity of man and the richness of God’s grace which gives us eternal hope. It is a message that makes us grieve at sin and rejoice in God’s overflowing love. This is the essence of the Good News testified to in one man’s life.

Robert Loerts

Pastor, Bethany Christian Reformed Church

Fenwick, Ontario