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A harrowing life story of abuse, crime and violence – a powerful and compelling journey of overcoming and redemption. He shares his transformational personal experiences moving from being born a product of rape in an abandoned building to a young mother, being raised in the ‘inner city’ of Toronto, young offender and training schools, gang leader and violent criminal, organized crime drug dealer with a 20 year addiction, long term prison convict of 21 years with a grade 5 education to one of North America’s leading experts on youth and social issues as well as addictions. He graduated from the University of Waterloo on the Dean’s Honour Roll for Outstanding Achievement with a Certificate in General Social Work and a Honour Degree in Sociology. His remarkable life change and new career accomplishments has been recognised by the Canadian Government with a precedent setting Full National Pardon.


This presentation of the social reality facing modern day youth, their families, and the community is specifically designed as an interweaving of Serge’s life with sound theoretical foundation and a practical analysis of a variety of issues viewing through a prism of moral and ethical certainty. Serge holds expertise in such areas as Issues in Sociology and Criminology, Justice Systems (adolescent and adult), Institutional Care, Child Maltreatment, Family Violence, Work with Street Children, the Field of Addictions and generally the issues of media manipulation, bullying and violence, peer pressure and gender issues, gangs and crime, drug and alcohol usage, rights and responsibilities, and Crimes of Silence.

Serge LeClerc is an excellent platform speaker and seminar leader who usually mesmerizes his audience with a superb oral presentation that is delivered with enthusiasm and positive structure. He addresses youth, parents, educators, social professionals and policing personnel, business and community leaders as well as Christian audiences with a challenging and informed presentation that is tailored specifically to the audience and venue.


This Seminar or Workshop is designed to look at the genetic, biological and social factors of substance abuse including FAE and FAS. Drug and/or alcohol usage is examined in relationship to the adolescent’s life cycle and brain development as well as to the impact within the family, school and community. An in-depth review of all narcotics, ‘rave’ or ‘party’ drugs and the ‘gateway’ ramifications of cannabis can be presented as well as prevention and treatment strategies to the foci of either the parent or the professional.

This subject matter can be condensed into a 70 minute workshop or a symposium of two or three 70 minute workshops within a day. Handouts are provided to accompany the overheads. An individual workshop can be given on a specific area of interest alone.

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