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CBC “Radio Noon” Program Featuring Serge LeClerc


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Challenges … and Choices

We are pleased to recommend to you a speaker who is able to communicate effectively to the young people of our society about the reality of the issues they are facing.  Mr. Serge LeClerc,  BA (Hons) Sociology/Social Work, has spoken to over 3,000,000 people across Canada and the United States.  He speaks with youth – not at them – challenging them with a presentation that captures their full attention.  He addresses parents, educators, and community leaders with an equal challenge and language targeted for his audience.

           Serge, a product of rape born in an abandoned building to a full blood Cree girl of 14 years of age, interweaves his life with a barrage of statistics to underline his message.  He shares his transformational personal experiences moving from a Inner-city youth to a young offender to a run away ‘street kid’, to a long-term prison inmate with a twenty-year drug addiction, to his remarkable overcoming and present citizenship.  This kind of background gives an intense credibility to his current status as a social advocate for struggling youth.  Serge initiated his university studies in Sociology and Social Work while still in prison, beginning from the unenviable position of a formal education that consisted of nothing more than grade five.  While on parole, Serge attended the University of Waterloo as a full-time student and graduated on the Dean’s Honour Roll for Outstanding Achievement.

            Serge is presently a leading expert in Adolescent Polysubstance Dependency Disorder and received a Canadian National Pardon due to his exemplary work for youth, their families, and their communities both in Canada and abroad. This Pardon, enforced by an Act of Legislation, honours his outstanding life change and legally exonerates him from all past criminal convictions and social stigma.

            The same transformational voyage that is evident in Serge’s life is also necessary for many young people as they move toward responsible and civic-minded adulthood.  Serge personalizes this critical passage and helps youth to connect his voyage with their own.  His intent is to urge young people to take control of their lives by viewing their choices through the prism of moral and ethical certainty in the reality of the modern day world they live in