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Lifted from the Depths

In this booklet, adapted from a ‘Focus on the Family’ radio broadcast,  LeClerc tells the compelling story of how God’s grace took hold of him in a  maximum-security prison cell and transformed a brutal, drug-addicted  criminal with a fifth-grade education into the man he is today. Serge  LeClerc’s resume is impressive today but this stellar career is built on a dark  past: Starting a age 8, LeClerc spent 21 of the next 30 years in prison. He  was one of Canada’s most notorious criminals-a vicious, violent drug dealer  feared by guards and fellow inmates alike.

 He has degrees in social work and sociology and is a leading expert in  adolescent substance abuse. He speaks internationally to communities,  conferences, churches, and schools about his life and what changed him;  about the moral and ethical certainty that his faith has brought him.

 “Sometimes Christians get a little blase about the power and grace of Jesus  Christ, because they don’t have a dramatic testimony like mine. They don’t  attach a whole lot of importance to that grace. Well, that’s very wrong  because that grace changed me to who I am today, and I’m only here today  because of that grace.”

 “For those of you who have not asked the Lord into your life, and those of  you that have, it is my hope that the miracle of salvation will apply not only to  your hereafter, but also to your here and now! He gives us the strength to  become all that He created us to be, no matter where we start from. He  gives us the firm knowledge of our worth and the inner peace to be able to  drive forward the goal of living life in the splendor of our creation. He died for  us so that we may know life and redemption.”

Copyright 1999, Focus on the FamilyAll rights reserved.

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