Conference and Seminar Speaker

Serge LeClerc is one of the most dynamic motivational keynote and expert speakers in North America. He is the Executive Director of Prairie Hope Ministries, a faith based residential recovery program for substance abusers in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as well as the President of Career 7 Associates Inc. Serge is able to speak to a wide variety of audiences – from young people to parents to police services to educators to mental health professionals to community leaders to university lectures – from professional development to school assemblies to church services to youth rallies to banquets – in a language and style expected for each venue and audience. Serge LeClerc is a powerful and  inspiring communicator who has shared his compelling journey of overcoming and redemption to over 3,000,000 people throughout North America. As well as being an acknowledged expert on the issues of Polysubstance Dependency Disorder, he also addresses the issues within the social reality facing modern day youth and the power of moral and ethical certainty as an answer to it. He is represented by Experts Who Speak Agency. Please contact Andrea Reynolds to arrange a booking at (814) 774-5070 or [email protected]

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